[Box Backup] Unencrypted storage?

Garry Glendown boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sat, 04 Dec 2004 09:58:04 +0100

Joris wrote:
> But I can picture a situation where it may mean having to encrypt a 
> couple of terrabyte to begin with, and then requiring a backup server 
> that's 10 times more powerfull just to be able to handle the encryption. 
> All this while the old backup solution's (physical?) enviroment provided 
> the neccesairry data confidentiality.

Maybe I have misunderstood something here, but Box Backup does NOT 
encrypt on the server, but on the client, therefore the server should 
have less load than with a centralized encryption ... also, you don't 
have to trust the server's (or server operator's) confidentiality, which 
may be an issue! (just was at a customer yesterday, where they put a 
directory on the Linux box w/ SMB share just for two people, because 
they need a local admin that can take care of the Windows box - but they 
couldn't keep files from him ... problem was, if he has access to the 
local backup of the Linux box, he might be able to restore the files to 
a directory he might have access to on user level ...)