[Box Backup] 0.09 released

Nick Knight boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 6 Dec 2004 21:01:37 -0000


Can you let me know exactly what you want - I can give you a cleaned
source tree if you wish?


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Grab it from the usual place. This is a maintenance release to wrap up=20
all the outstanding issues before adding in lots more code.


Fix bug where interrupted housekeeping corrupts store size data
Stop corrupt data in inode db causing backup to stop when server=20
returns an error
Align data for encryption/decryption on block boundaries to allow h/w=20
Added test for Linux LFS support
Code adjustments to compile on Fedora 3
Fix problem with new directories with same name as an old directory=20
with an intervening file of that name.
Fix problem with excessive processor usage when updating directories=20
with many entries.

Solaris and native Win32 ports will be done as patches and binary files=20
respectively -- Martin and Nick: could you prepare something for me?=20


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