[Box Backup] Win32 client and snapshot mode?

Nick Knight boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 10:08:50 -0000

Hello Per,

Because unix sockets are not available on win32 - the short term fix was
to communicate over a normal socket, so the line for unix socket is
commented out in the config, the goal is to use a named pipe eventually.

The message you have received is because an exception has been thrown,
then the message is printed out, can you have a look through your event
log (Application log) to see if there is a more meaningful error



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I have been trying to get the snapshot mode to work on the win32 client=20
to no avail. It seems that bbackupctl somehow is unable to connect to
the command socket of bbackupd. Here's the error message I get when I
run 'bbackupctl.exe sync':

    Failed to connect to daemon control socket.
    Possible causes:
       * daemon not running
       * daemon busy syncing with store server
       * another bbackupctl process is communicating with the server
       * daemon is waiting to recover from an error
    Failed to connect to command socket

I don't know anything about sockets on windows, but I ran 'netstat -ba'
and it appears that bbackupd.exe is listening on TCP port 9035.

So I telnetted to port 9035 on, and I was able to start a sync
(by typing 'sync'). But I can't get bbackupctl.exe to do it. Has anyone
been able to get bbackupctl to work?

I changed the following parameters in my config file:

AutomaticBackup =3D no
UpdateStoreInterval =3D 0
MinumumFileAge =3D 0
MaxUploadWait =3D 0

The 'CommandSocket' parameter is commented out in the file that is
installed, but I don't know what to change it to, to make bbackupctl

Thanks in advance,

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