[Box Backup] Exception: Connection TLSHandshakeFailed (7/30)

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 5 Nov 2004 15:39:57 +0000

On 5 Nov 2004, at 15:29, Remco Poelstra wrote:

> Ben Summers wrote:
>>> That's all there is.
> I grep'ed the syslog on 'box' but If I grep'ed for I would have 
> noticed more output. Namely
> Nov  5 16:22:33 aker bbstored[3432]: Incoming connection from 
> port 32806 (handling in child 3936)
> Nov  5 16:22:34 aker bbstored[3936]: SSL err during Accept: 
> error:140890B2:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE:no certificate 
> returned
> Nov  5 16:22:34 aker bbstored[3936]: in server child, exception 
> Connection TLSHandshakeFailed (7/30) -- terminating child
> Any logfile given to bbackupquery remains empty nontheless.

Was this for the telnet attempt? What happens in the logs when 
bbackupquery attempts to connect?

Are the clocks on your machines synchronized? It might be that the 
certificates aren't valid yet if the machine used for signing them had 
a clock with the wrong time.

>> Are you behind a firewall? Are you running a packet filter?
> No, I'm not AFAIK. I'm running a stock debian kernel, I don't think it 
> has filtering enabled default.

Sounds sensible.

>> What happens if you attempt to connect to the server, from a shell 
>> running on that server? What happens if you ask bbstored to listen on 
>> localhost, and then connect to that from that same shell? You should 
>> at least get something in the logs.
> I suppose I don't have to check the localhost thing?

No, we have an incoming connection.

> I hope the syslog messages give you a clue. Do you perhaps know how I 
> can change my config to get the logs in the appropriate file?

It looked to me as if you'd already done that. Did you restart syslogd? 
(I'm not really hugely familiar with the intricacies of the various 
Linux distributions, so can't be that much help.)