[Box Backup] BoxBackup: Solaris

Martin Ebourne boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 22 Nov 2004 19:28:35 +0000

On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 18:57, Peter Porter wrote:
> I emailed you a few weeks ago about getting BoxBackup to compile under 
> Solaris.  I noticed a mention of Solaris attempts in a few emails 
> regarding the latest builds.  What's the status on that?  Anything I can 
> help out with, at the least as far as testing goes?

I was doing this. I had a bit of spare time and thought it'd be fun(!).
I thought it would only take half a day, but it's taken me a bit longer
than that. Unfortunately last week I only got 1 hour to spend on it so
didn't make much progress. This week it's gone totally manic so no
chance probably for a few days.

The status is that it all compiles and I'm trying to get it through
Ben's test suite. The test suite is very comprehensive and hence it is
catching lots of problems. Which is, of course, good! It passes the
first few tests but is failing on backupstore as described in a previous
email. (Something about deleted!=0 IIRC.)

Ben suggested to look at the log files generated by the programs the
test script ran. I diffed them against those from Linux (where the test
passes) but it came up with no differences.

I also copied my changes over to Linux and ran them there (Linux being
sys-v like it all compiled ok). The tests all passed on Linux so I don't
think it's a problem with my changes, but instead yet another Solaris
problem I need to crack.

If anyone else wants to/can look at this I'm happy to post the patch,
but otherwise I'll plod on with it when I get a moment. Some of these
tests where it runs servers up and does things to them are quite hard to
debug. :(

> Also, where would I go about getting the bleeding edge release?  I still 
> only see 0.08 on the site.

>From Ben's email, the latest release is at:


> I apologize for bothering you with these questions, but I figured better 
> you than you and the entire list!

I think you got the whole list as it happens. Which is a good thing

> p.s. - I am now happily using BoxBackup between my two Linux servers, 
> and I'm incredibly happy with it.

Me too. :)