[Box Backup] TLS Handshake problem in my OS2 port

Dave Bamford boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 03 Nov 2005 13:03:40 +0000

Dave Bamford wrote:

> Ben Summers wrote:
>> Check the certificates you're using. Remember you need certificates  
>> signed by the CA at the other end, at both ends, and the 
>> certificates  must be valid for the current date (check your clock).
>> Ben
> Yes the certificates seem OK, I created them on the server the same 
> way I do for
> windows clients. FTP copied in Binary and they are exactly the same 
> number of
> bytes. Also just checked the clocks, there is less than 1 minute 
> different between
> timestamps in client and server in log files.
> I will try and use the same certificates on a win box to test them 
> out, but I have several
> other clients working fine from the win client on this server.
> Dave.
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Just checked the certificates by copying them to another machine runing
windows on the same network and edited the conf file for the new account and
it worked perfectly. So I guess that eliminates the certificate files.