[Box Backup] Compare and XLS files.

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:09:48 +0000

On 14 Nov 2005, at 00:42, <scott@lubetech.com.au> wrote:

> Hello,
> 	I have noticed a strange occurrence when box backup does a "compare
> -aq" on a backup store. Consistently the compare generates the  
> following
> messages repeatedly.
> Local file '/BACKUPS/OFFSITE/PUBLIC/SERVER/E for 2005.Xls' has  
> different
> contents to store file '/BACKUPS-OFFSITE/PUBLIC/SERVER/E for  
> 2005.Xls'.
> This message is repeated about 60 times for various Microsoft Excel  
> files in
> different locations. Is it possible that there is a problem with  
> the compare
> option that could be causing incorrect checksums to be generated???  
> As it is
> very strange that only .xls files are being detected as having  
> problems
> (conflict with the macro's)????
> Even when there are other files that are present in the same  
> locations and
> do not suffer from the same problems.
> Any ideas would be appreciated.

Try downloading a file using bbackupquery, and comparing it with diff.

Look at the timestamps. Is it possible that the file hasn't been  
uploaded to the server yet?

(MS Office tends to make changes to files, even if you only open them  
and make no changes before closing.)