[Box Backup] Compare and XLS files.

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I will do that.=20

Two things.

The server does not run in lazy mode, snapshot mode and there was a =
between the last sync and when the compare was done, in which the office =
empty. Ie. A backup on a Friday Night, Compare on a Sunday Morning.

Thank you

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On 14 Nov 2005, at 21:58, Scott McNee wrote:

> Hi Ben thanks,
> 		 Downloading the file diff says that there are differences
but the=20
> File sizes appear to be the same. I think that you are
> right with
> the changes to office files but not actual changes. These files =20
> have not
> been modified in a while but they do not get uploaded? Doe the =20
> bbackupd
> daemon not recognize that as a diff???

In lazy mode, bbackupd will wait a good few hours before even =20
thinking about uploading the file, just in case the user modifies it =20
again. (Because another edit to an edited document is likely.) It's =20
only after a much longer time will it upload it anyway, to make sure =20
that changed documents do get uploaded in a timely manner.

We now need to get into the habit of adding every question asked on =20
the list into a FAQ on the wiki.


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