[Box Backup] SV: boxbackup digest, Vol 1 #435 - 2 msgs

Gary boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 14:38:40 -0800 (PST)


> Hi Gary, how large file have you on database

About 500MB on average, but there are some 2GB files as well.

> and how long time I'ts take with default program without patch?

If I do not interrupt the diff process with the MaximumDiffingTime
setting in the config file, it can go on for hours. However, if I set
the MaximumDiffingTime, it results in a very large data file upload.

> Hi Jonathan, how mutch faster this patch will go? Are there any
> options To set up speed to compare files (like rsync, how big block
> compare with clients file and server file)

Boxbackup already tries to run an rsync-style file diff by "default".
It is now a question of the current alrogithm's efficiency for very
large files. I am currently trying to get the modified distribution
built and tested within my environment.

> And where can I find this patch?

It's in BoxBackup Subversion data source control repository only:


To check it out, get the latest Subversion from:


... and run the following command:

svn co http://bbdev.fluffy.co.uk/svn/box/chromi/diffopt/


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