[Box Backup] SVN repository up and running

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:54:11 +0100

I've just installed SVN and imported my latest Box Backup sources,  
which are essentially 0.09 plus a few tweeks, including the gcc4  
stuff. The repository is at


and the current version is at


hopefully following usual SVN conventions. The repository does not  
require a password for read only access.

I would like developers to copy the trunk to a working directory


and then work there, and once everyone is happy, merge back into  
trunk. No direct commits to trunk, please.

Before you start work on anything, please email me. I will coordinate  
the tasks. At this stage we have to pull in lots of work, it's  
important to try and get an order of merging which causes least  
issues. I think we'll try for smaller changes first.

We may need a boxbackup-dev mailing list shortly.

BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: All the files in the distribution have the  
license as the first page or so. None of the files in the repository  
do -- they're added by the makedistribution.pl script. Please do not  
accidently add the license when you copy in your work.

Also, I would ask that people match the style of coding (see previous  
discussion on the list). I will back out any change which doesn't  
meet it, just to avoid getting everything in a mess.

My time is a bit limited at the moment, but I promise I will attend  
to all relevant tasks in a timely manner. I hope others will make it  
easy for me to do so.

A few requests:

Developers: Please email me off-list with your preferred username,  
and I'll set you up an account.

SVN experts: Could someone post some working guidelines to the list,  
including all the weird and wacky SVN commands we'd need to run? (I'm  
especially interested in how to review changes then merge them into  

Finally, I would like to backup the repository to two other places. I  
suspect rsync is probably the best tool for the job, given the  
incremental file adding nature of fsfs SVN repositories. Can I take  
up a couple of the offers of server space?

Sorry this has taken so long.