[Box Backup] Portability and public source depot

John Pybus boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 13 Oct 2005 23:11:02 +0100

Charles Lecklider wrote:
> Ben Summers wrote:
>>As nice as the merging support would be to the way we plan to run 
>>things (as one branch per developer, merging in later), there's not 
>>much point if noone will use it.
> I only saw one person object to Perforce in the previous thread. Were
> there a whole load offlist, or was that it?
> If you're happy that Perforce is the right solution technically it seems
> daft to use something else because of one person. Of course, if there
> were lots of others too then....

I broadly echo the view of Martin Ebourne who did post to the list.  I 
would be more likely to contribute to a project using SVN.  If I did 
contribute to BoxBackup hosted in Perforce it would be with patches 
rather than installing the p4 client.

Subversion now comes packaged with the majority of Linux distributions, 
and has wider usage amongst OSS contributers.  So, unless it is unable 
to meet the needs of what is currently a fairly small project, I think 
it would be preferable, but at the end of the day getting _any_ 
community going and contributing to the code is what's important.