[Box Backup] Diff Optimisations now in SVN

Jonathan Morton boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sat, 15 Oct 2005 13:31:53 +0100

As of revision 17, a working version of my diff algorithm optimisations 
is in the tree (at chromi/diffopt).  It passes all tests on my G5 
(powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu), except for raidfile, which seems to be 
completely broken on Linux/PPC anyway, and is unrelated to my changes.

Note that a side-effect of my using KATE is that there are a lot of 
deltas referring to blank lines, where KATE has deleted trailing 
whitespace characters from the entire file being edited.  I'm not sure 
what to do about that, aside from trying to work out the right GNU 
indent parameters and hoping nothing else breaks.  Perhaps someone had 
better go through all the other trees and delete trailing whitespace 
from them too.

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