[unclassified] [Box Backup] Portability and public source depot

Nick Knight boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:04:31 +0100

Hello Stephan,

I would really be interested in your work on this...



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we have been using BoxBackup for a while. It works fine on Linux

However, we would like to improve portability a bit. Both between
different Linux boxes of different versions and to other OS:s as well.
We are using AIX, FreeBSD, Linux, SCO OpenServer and Sun Solaris.

There seems to be numerous changes (including Solaris port) since
last release and I have seen discussions about a public depot for the
source code and therefore it seems any effort put in should be done
on as current code as possible.

Any updates on the source code depot?
Any comments regarding a portability effort?

We are also using the Windows client by Nick Knight and are working
on an improved installer to avoid having to edit config files by hand
after installation.

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