[Box Backup] Backup with far more space used than source

Kristopher Zentner boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 02 Sep 2005 09:25:30 -0700

> It depends, because old versions of files are kept until the soft
> limit on the account is exceeded. You haven't given sufficient
> information for any meaningful answer.
> * How often do the files change on the clients?
> * What are the individual limits and usage for the two accounts? (use
> bbstoreaccounts to get this)
> For example, if files on the 7G client changed daily and you had a
> 100G limit on the corresponding server account, your server could be
> acting as expected.
> Ben

I realize that incremental/differential updates will fill the drive after time.
However this is after only *one* snapshot session, my first one as I said...

> Granted I'm not backing up the entire drive, only about 135G worth
> and this is afer only one snapshot session,

There hasn't been a chance for differential or incrementals to be made so how
often the files change is irrelevant since changes have not been stored,
although there have been no changes on the drive in the time i've used
boxbackup. The limits I've set on that account are 250G soft limit, 259G hard.

Account 1 has only been backed up a few days, however, the du command I
displayed showed the space used only by the account in question (account 2):

> (#:/backups/backup)- du -h -d 0 00000002
> 242G    00000002

account 1 by contrast is still pretty sane and i've run more than one snapshot
backup on it

(#:/backups/backup)- du -h -d 0 00000001
7.1G    00000001

Is it possible it has something to do with using a lot of already compressed
media? I really have no idea why it'd be using this much.