[Box Backup] Boxi and boxbackup question.

Kai boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 9 Sep 2005 08:59:57 +1200

I was using the boxbackup that comes with boxi.. it turned out to be a
firewall issue. (I should always look for the simple stuff first).

Still having issues with the actual backup/resotre. 

I see boxi boxbackup start, On the server I see it login an immediately log
out... then boxi tries to initialize a sync but backupd is logged out by
this stage so I get a failed sync. 

I haven't had a chance to properly debug this yet... will look at it

Having a seperate problem with restore. I run the program, can browse the
remote store. I select a file, chose restore and the save as window pops up
(just a side here.. the save as box comes up empty and I have to manually
type the file name in.. is this a feature or a bug?) I chose a filename, it
pauses and then says "restore complete". The problem is the restored file is
the right size but it is complete garbage. It just looks like random line
noise. Not fun. :) 

As I said tho I'll play with it some more tonight. 

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> Hi Kai,
> > Just a quick question about the Boxi client. I'm having a bit of an
> issue
> > with it under windows. I've installed it. Got my account set up on the
> > server, but whenever I start the boxi program I get the following.
> >
> > Exception thrown: ConnectionException(Conn_SocketConnectError) at
> > SocketStream.cpp(184)
> >
> > Looking in the "Backup Process" tab I see my connection error as "Socket
> > connection refused."
> >
> > Is this the sever refusing connection (it doesn't appear to be seeing
> > anything on inbound tcpdump) or the local program being unable to bind
> to a
> > socket on the windows box it's on. If so any idea why that might be?
> Are you using the win32 port of Box Backup? Boxi currently isn't
> compatible with it, since Boxi uses a named pipe, and the win32 client
> uses a TCP port for communication. Sorry. I recommend you use the version
> of Box Backup that comes with Boxi, for now.
> If you're using the version of Box Backup that comes with Boxi, check your
> Windows event viewer for startup errors from Box Backup. What happens when
> you click the Start button? Is the Box Backup process running? (check for
> bbackupd.exe in Task Manager).
> Cheers, Chris.
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