[Box Backup] Results of Testing 784 version on Win2K

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sun, 27 Aug 2006 22:27:00 +0100 (BST)

Hi Pete,

> Some errors that we saw before we shared out the mapped system
> correctly:
> Failed to open T:\ error 5.
> Trying UNC:  Failed to open '\\voyager\c$': error 123
> Flailing:  Failed to open '\\voyager\c': error 123
> Exception 1/9, Check Permissions.
> ---Don't know what error 5 or error 123 are.

Error 5 is Access Denied, error 123 is Invalid Name. I've added better 
error messages for these cases in Subversion, next build should have them.

> POSSIBLE BUG:  When stopping the service, we sometimes get "the
> instruction at...referenced memory at... The memory could not be read."

Please give me the address values from the error message when this 
happens. Box always stops cleanly for me.

> After we got it working, when we saw the warnings and errors on various
> odd files in the Event Viewer, sometimes box backup would continue on
> backing up other files, but other times, it would essentially finish
> the session and appear to wait for the next go-round.

If you see this, please report any details that you can, and I'll try to 
debug it.

> We are also using KeepAliveTime for the first time.  Not sure how to 
> evaluate it.

SSL sessions don't crash when diffing large files :-)

> FEATURE REQUEST:  We are also using NotifyAdmin.sh with cygwin.   It
> works from the cmd window, but doesn't seem to be working when we saw
> an "error 5" file: "Failed to open 'T:\NTDETECT.COM': error 5"  seems
> to stop further scanning, and doesn't seem to send mail.

OK, will investigate when I have a chance.

>            	ExcludeDir = T:\windows\Temp\
>            	ExcludeDir = T:\Temp\
>            	ExcludeDir = T:\windows\system32\LogFiles\
>            	ExcludeDir = T:\Documents and Settings\Default
> User.WINNT\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

These will not work, trailing backslashes will mean that they never match.

> BUG:  Directories show up with 1969 Dec 31, 19:00:00 dates under 
> bbackupquery list.

I think Box Backup always does this?

> BUG: Last and least, event log shows this version as 777M.

Sorry, I obviously forgot to do a clean rebuild :-(

Thanks for testing!

Cheers, Chris.
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