[Box Backup] Feature Request: Only backup files less than X kbytes

Thomas Glanzmann boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 1 Feb 2006 11:56:35 +0100


> No, there isn't such a feature. I think that one would be a little  
> bit dangerous, since as soon as your critical document gets over the  
> limit, it stops getting backed up. Would it be better to exclude on a  
> filename basis?

I think having the option is a good thing. And I already have a usage
scenario for this. For example when people temp. download big iso
images, I don't want them to show up in backup. And they don't have
necessary the extens 'iso'.

Have you thought over an option to tell bbackupd to stay on *one*

Have you thought about backing up Device Files?

Does boxbackup handle ACLs already correctly?

Is there are any reason not to support backing up a root filesystem of a