[Box Backup] 0.10 release candidate 2

Dennis Speekenbrink boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 01 Feb 2006 10:17:30 +0100

Hi everyone,

I'd also like to thank Ben and all other developers for making this next 

I've just tested it on 1 machine.
I've only been able to run the automated tests.  Real-world testing will 
have to wait until I have more
time to crash-test the software.

The results of the test, and specifications:

AMD Opteron 3200+
Gentoo Linux (kernel 2.6.12 in full 64bit mode, i.e. no 32bit libraries 

All tests passed (`make test`).   ./configure found no readline support 
(all else was found).
All DEBUG tests passed. Except backupdiff with the following error:
       0     2559        1
======== ========= ========
FAILURE: Condition [time(0) < (beginTime + 40)] failed at 
FAILED: 1 tests failed

When I ran the debug tests again (this time to save the exact results) 
the test passed.
May it have been the ntp program that adjusted the time at just the 
incorrect moment?

On this machine the xattr test was skipped due to the same reason as Per 
Thomson reported. 
Will not having xattr support hinder boxbackup operation at all?
How about readline support?

Thanks to everyone and especially Ben for BoxBackup!


p.s. I've saved the output of the various stages etc. in case anyone's 
p.p.s. preliminary results on a second machine (P166mmx, Gentoo linux 
2.4.26)  4/10 tests failed.
This may have to do with the machine's specs.  I'll try to investigate 
this more tomorrow.