[Box Backup] 0.10 release candidate 2

Martin Ebourne boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 01 Feb 2006 11:27:05 +0000

Dennis Speekenbrink <d.g.speekenbrink@silverstreak.nl> wrote:
> I've just tested it on 1 machine.
> I've only been able to run the automated tests.  Real-world testing 
> will have to wait until I have more
> time to crash-test the software.

Great, thanks!

> The results of the test, and specifications:
> AMD Opteron 3200+
> Gentoo Linux (kernel 2.6.12 in full 64bit mode, i.e. no 32bit 
> libraries installed)
> All tests passed (`make test`).   ./configure found no readline 
> support (all else was found).
> All DEBUG tests passed. Except backupdiff with the following error:
>       0     2559        1
> ======== ========= ========
> FAILURE: Condition [time(0) < (beginTime + 40)] failed at 
> testbackupdiff.cpp(545)
> FAILED: 1 tests failed

That test times an operation and fails if it takes "too long". I've 
already upped it once because it failed on slow machines, and I've seen 
occasional other failures when a machine has been busy. I'm not really 
sure it's a sensible test because we don't know what a reasonable time 
should be for any configuration.

> When I ran the debug tests again (this time to save the exact 
> results) the test passed.
> May it have been the ntp program that adjusted the time at just the 
> incorrect moment?

No, likely just slow/busy machine.

> On this machine the xattr test was skipped due to the same reason as 
> Per Thomson reported. Will not having xattr support hinder boxbackup 
> operation at all?

If xattrs are not enabled then you aren't using them, so they don't 
need to be backed up. :)

It's possible they are enabled on some of your partitions (eg. / for 
selinux) but not where you tested box (eg. /home). In that case it's 
fine, it will just back up the ones where they are available.

> How about readline support?

Affects the command line history in bbackupquery only. You can either 
install a readline compatible version of libedt/editline, or give the 
configure option to enable GNU readline. Whether you can distribute 
binaries in the latter case is unclear.