[Box Backup] An error changing limits, or is there?

Dennis Speekenbrink boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sun, 05 Feb 2006 20:10:55 +0100

Ben Summers wrote:
> It cannot change the limits when a client is connected.
>> Try again later.
>> Limits on account <accountid> changed to 972800 soft, 1536000 hard
>> And bbstoreaccounts info <accountid> did indeed show that the hard 
>> limit was raised to 3000 MB
>> (the softlimit was purposefully kept the same value: 1900MB)
>> So did or did it not change the limits?
> Interesting. Did you check the limits before trying to change it?
> Err_StorageLimitExceeded

I had a feeling this was the case.
Problem is: I don't have direct access to the client machine, so I can't 
check it.  But since all symptoms point to a full store file, I'll 
accept that.

After the "setlimit" command, the limit was really, briefly, changed.  I 
checked directly before and after with `bbstoreaccounts info` and 
afterwards it showed the new limit.
When I check it now, it shows the old limit.  (This was also noticed by 
my monitoring scripts which show a nice 1-time peak of the hardlimit).

So I guess the hardlimit will be briefly reported as the new limit 
without it actually being so...

Thanx to both of you for your help.  I'll suggest that the owner of the 
account update his client.  (and I'll suggest a larger hardlimit obviously)
Speaking of which, is there a way to see the clientversion in the 
server's logfile?

Thanks a lot,