[Box Backup] Danish and other special chars

Pascal Lalonde boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 08 Feb 2006 14:03:33 -0500

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Please test, and let me know if you have any problems.

The compare fails on my system (Win2k sp4):

'bbackupquery "compare -a -q" quit' does:
Box Backup Query Tool v0.09_plus2_vc2005fix_r410, (c) Ben Summers 2003, 2004
Using configuration file bbackupd.conf
Connecting to store...
Handshake with store...
Login to store...
Login complete.

Type "help" for a list of commands.

WARNING: Quick compare used -- file attributes are not checked.
Local directory 'L:\' exists, but server directory '\ics_data' does not

[ 0 (of 1) differences probably due to file modifications after the last
Differences: 1 (0 dirs excluded, 0 files excluded)
Logging off...
Session finished.

>From my bbackupd.conf:
		Path = L:\
		ExcludeDir = L:\System Volume Information
		ExcludeDir = L:\sProgs
		ExcludeDir = L:\bkexch

Of course, ics_data does exist when I start bbackupquery, and I can "cd"
into it and restore things under it. But the compare fails.

I should tell that all the data was uploaded using Nick's version,

Is this a known issue? Can anyone reproduce that? If not, I will gladly
prodive more details.