[Box Backup] Danish and other special chars

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 8 Feb 2006 20:50:09 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Gary,

Thanks for testing!

> 1. Regex seems to work for file/folder exclusion during runtime 
>    (appropriate folders/files do not get uploaded).


> 2. I have not confirmed deletion (newly excluded, PREVIOUSLY uploaded, 
>    folders/files should be deleted at the end of a run) since I was not 
>    able to complete a backup (see below).

I checked this yesterday after I got regex support working, and it worked 
for me, but please do test as well.

> 3. Even with "ExtendedLogging = yes", I do not see the KeepAlive() 
>    calls. They either don't happen, or the log has been taken out.

There does not appear to be any logging of keepalives, unless you compiled 
the source in debug mode (I did not). I have added some for testing 

> 4. Backup of a large file fails with the following log:
> 2/8/2006	11:49:16 AM	bbackupd	Error	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	: Exception caught (Connection
> TLSWriteFailed (Probably a network issue between client and server.) 7/33), reset state and
> waiting to retry....
> 2/8/2006	11:49:16 AM	bbackupd	Error	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	: SSL err during Write:
> error:1409F07F:SSL routines:SSL3_WRITE_PENDING:bad write retry.
> 2/8/2006	11:49:16 AM	bbackupd	Information	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	: Send
> SetClientStoreMarker(0x40c4b46c15b00).
> 2/8/2006	11:48:58 AM	bbackupd	Information	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	: Sending stream, size uncertain.
> 2/8/2006	11:48:58 AM	bbackupd	Information	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	": Send
> StoreFile(0xf,0x40c266d6d1ac0,0x611a54e7e9df0ca9,0x26d7,""seven.hundred.mb.file.dat"")."
> 2/8/2006	11:38:31 AM	bbackupd	Information	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	: Receiving stream, size 937660.
> 2/8/2006	11:38:30 AM	bbackupd	Information	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	: Receive Success(0x26d7).
> 2/8/2006	11:38:30 AM	bbackupd	Information	None	4	N/A	SOMESERVER	": Send
> GetBlockIndexByName(0xf,""seven.hundred.mb.file.dat"")."

> If KeepAlive() is not called or fails to re-initialize SSL, the first 
> error should happen right after "Send StoreFile". Yet, it seems that the 
> file gets diffed for 10 minutes (my MaximumDiffingTime is 900, thus 15 
> minutes - it has not expired), the stream gets sent for 1 minute, and 
> SSL bombs out after SetClientStoreMarker.

I'm not sure either. Can you use a packet sniffer to see if the server 
resets the connection before, or during, uploading of the diff?

> 5. A FOLDER with non-English characters has been backed up properly, is 
>    visible from bbackupquery console, but with English characters only. 
>    You cannot "cd" to it, neither by using English characters only (as 
>    shown by "ls" output), nor by using original non-English characters 
>    (from memory).

That's weird. On my machine, it correctly lists the non-English characters 
with "ls", and cd, restore and compare using those characters all work. 
Would you mind trying to debug this in your setup? Were the files created 
on the same machine where you are running bbackupquery?

> 6. A FILE with non-English characters INSIDE A FOLDER with non-English 
>    characters does not get backed up, no mention of it in the upload 
>    log.

Will test this and get back to you.

> Some other loose (quality-wise) thoughts about new Win32 client:
> a. bbackupctl, bbackupquery seem to look for "C:\Program 
> Files\BoxBackup\bbackupd.conf" as a default config file. This should be 
> probably changed to bbackupd.conf in the current directory, since the 
> hard-coded path does not make much sense.

Perhaps not, but I think it was the default in Nick's code. I will look 
into changing it.

> b. There should be a way to specify a config file explicitly when 
> creating a Win32 service (bbackupd.exe -i). bbackupd.conf is the same 
> directory as bbackupd.exe >>service<< is always used.

Same issue.

> c. If you backup from under Cygwin, and then backup from under Win32 
> (FAT), there is TONS of Send ChangeDirAttributes activity. If you switch 
> back to Cygwin, you have to go through this again.

Interesting, but I don't expect people to switch between Cygwin and native 
builds often, so this is a low priority for me.

> d. Every Windows EventLog entry reads: "The description for Event ID ( 4 
> ) in Source ( bbackupd ) cannot be found. The local computer may not 
> have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display 
> messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= 
> flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The 
> following information is part of the event". This is an error in 
> EventLog writing that could be corrected with an appropriate resource 
> table entry (from what I remember).

Probably, but I have no idea how to do that, can you advise?

> Let me know what you think.

Thanks again for your hard work in testing it!

Cheers, Chris.
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