[Box Backup] testing boxbackup-0.09_plus2_vc2005fix_r410-backup-client-mingw32 on WinXP Home SP2

E.W. Peter Jalajas boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sat, 11 Feb 2006 12:56:42 -0800 (PST)

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your reply.  My replies below.
(I had replied earlier, but from the wrong email account.)
--- Chris Wilson <chris@qwirx.com> wrote:

> >
> > Now, on the other hand, I was initially accidentally using an old
> > cygwin or other install of bbackupd.exe that was in my path (I
> didn't run ./bbackupd..., ugh).
> Initially being when? When it backed up the new files (after
> MaxUploadWait + 5 hours?)

"Initially" being this morning's testing of
boxbackup-0.09_plus2_vc2005fix_r410-backup-client-mingw32.  Many weeks
ago, I installed various versions of bb on my WinXP box to try it out,
including probably a cygwin build.  I finally settled on boxwin and I
have been running boxwin for a few weeks now.  I decided this morning
to test boxbackup-0.09_plus2_vc2005fix_r410-backup-client-mingw32
against the same store account that I had been backing up all along
(maybe not a good idea, now that I think about it!).  So, "initially"
this morning, I stopped the boxwin service, killed the daemon and
started running "bbackupd.exe -c <boxwin config file>" in the new
boxbackup-0.09_plus2_vc2005fix_r410-backup-client-mingw32 directory. 
Then I discovered that I had forgotten the leading ./ and was instead
picking up that previous bb version that was in my path.  (All of this
has occurred before the +5 hour time passed.)  Does that answer your

> > $ ls -alrtF `which bbackupd`
> > -rwxr-xr-x 1 Owner None 585642 Dec 19 12:50
> /usr/local/bin/bbackupd*

> It's much smaller than any release of bbackupd.exe that I've ever
> made. 
> It also reports version 0.09, not 0.09h_win32 (Nick's binary) or 
> 0.09_plus2 or 0.10 (my releases). Perhaps it is a cygwin build of the
> released 0.09?

Probably the cygwin build, yes.

> > Notice how the new file gets backed up almost immediately:
> > With the current boxwin, which is what I am using in production
> these
> > days, I have to wait 5 hours before my files are backed up.  
> That old build does not have the 5 hour problem? 

Well, it backs up immediately, but still has the 5-hour timestamp
offset.  Here is a time-stamped-filename that was backed up essentially
immmediately with the speedy test timings:

00000691 f----- 2006-02-08T17:18:25 00001 2006-02-08T1218.txt

The file was created at 12:18, got backedup in less than a minute, but
the bb timestamp is 17:18. 

> Perhaps it's due to the 
> way we stat files in the native port (versus Cygwin). I will
> investigate 
> this as well, although I don't have a system in a different timezone,
> so  it will not be easy.

How can I help?  I'll, dare I say, try to look at the source

> > Are there plans to update boxwin and boxi?  
> I don't believe that boxwin will be updated again, although it's
> really up 
> to Nick. I think we have merged all the features of boxwin into the
> trunk, 

Including the installer?  (Do I have that right?)  Or maybe I should
ask:  after downloading and unpacking
boxbackup-0.09_plus2_vc2005fix_r410-backup-client-mingw32.zip, is there
another installation step that I should have run?  Sorry, I'm kinda
dumb at this point.  Boxwin had a nice windowsy installer--will this
thing have similar, or does it already and I didn't see it?

> so the release candidates I have been sending out should be
> equivalent to 
> or better than the currently available version of boxwin (modulo the
> five 
> hour timezone bug).

I think it's only five hours because that's the timezone I'm in.  It
may be different in other timezones.

> I definitely plan to continue development of Boxi and release new 
> versions, but I'm too busy with the core code of Box Backup to do any
> development at this moment.
> Of course you can help, by continuing to test Box Backup and Boxi,
> and 
> continuing to nag us (me), here on the list, until all outstanding
> bugs 
> are fixed. Or if you want to get into development, then finding and
> fixing 
> bugs would be even more useful. Thanks!

I tried boxi last night (maybe I should start a new thread...), but got
this at startup:

"Couldn't add an image to the image list" (10 or 15 times).  

I also got:

00:15:08: Exception thrown: CommonException(OSFileOpenError) at
00:15:08: Block 10030210 freed, but not known. Error? Or allocated in
startup static allocation?
00:15:08: No random device -- additional seeding of random number
generator not performed.
00:15:08: bbackupd: exception Common OSFileOpenError (1/2)

Boxi listed and restored files fine.  The config editor got a little

I tried to build boxi but couldn't figure out wxWidgets (boxi is
looking for wxWindows.  http://www.wxwidgets.org/  

How should I report boxi bugs?  Boxi is really really cool for our
customers in this windows-centric-for-now world (not having a bb GUI
for bb monitoring and restoring was the one complaint from one of my
customers so far--he's a techy, so I sent him boxi with some
instructions and caveats).  I'll try to use boxi more and, dare I say
in public, try to do some cygwin bash shell test scripting....