[Box Backup] Release Candidate 3

Stefan Norlin boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sat, 18 Feb 2006 20:44:05 +0100

>> I also think there should be some kind of backwards compatibility, but 
>> remembering this is the first "collaborative" release with the Windows 
>> source merged in etc the backwards compatibility requirement could be 
>> "waived" for this release I think. However, IMHO it should be a 
>> requirement for future releases.
> I can't see any good reason to break it for this release. Only new 
> features have been added to the protocol. Until I fixed keepalives and 
> enabled them in my config, the new clients were working fine with my 0.09 
> server. Likewise, I can't see any reason that a 0.10 server shouldn't work 
> with 0.09 clients in any configuration.

Ok, I have not kept track of the exact changes in the protocol, but then
I guess the only problem would be that the handshake procedure needs
to be changed a bit and to decide whether that is ok before release?

Once again, IMHO, if that is the only problem I think it SHOULD be
fixed since the backwards compatibilty is indeed a good thing for us
that have numerous box clients out there.