[Box Backup] ClientStoreMarker.

Ben Summers boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 09:21:19 +0100

On 14 Jun 2006, at 23:34, Scott wrote:

> Hi All,
> Why is it that even after what appears to be a successful backup the
> SetClientStoreMarker is not always called?
> As a result the date given by bbstoreaccounts is maybe a few days  
> out of
> sync?

ClientStoreMarker is not a date, it is a marker. It is merely used so  
that a running instance of bbackupd can check that no other instance  
is modifying it. On the first run of bbackupd, the marker is set. As  
long as it stays constant on each connection it can be certain the  
state is as it expects.