[Box Backup] Box Backup Hive?

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A backup hive would be like a massive internet-based raid. For instance, if I wanted to participate in the hive I may dedicate 10-20% of my diskspace to the hive, which lets say equates to 20G of space and I had 10G of data that I wanted to backup.  So if there was 1000 nodes participating in the hive, that would be a total of 20,000 GB of available space. so my 10G of data would be distributed amongs the other 999 nodes. There would need to be significant redundancy, say 30%-40%, for when nodes were off-line. So even if 40% of the nodes were off-line i could reconstitute my backups using the other nodes and the parity information they contained.

This may not be practical for general Internet users where you don't have any obligation to maintain a node. But if you were a business with say hundreds of small sites spread out around the country (world?) and had some level of control of your nodes, this could be interesting method of backup and archiving. Each office would keep backup and parity info for every other office in the hive.  

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> I think that box backup could be the ideal base for a backup hive system. A backup hive is kind of the reverse of bittorrent. instead of a bunch of peers used to download the same file, the peers would upload fragments of your encrypted, compressed, backup set. It seems to me that box has most of the components needed. I'm wondering what the developers think? 
Is this for data redundancy, to put the backup sets in multiple places? 


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