[Box Backup] Win32 native client service bbackupd.conf

Gary boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 28 Jun 2006 18:37:48 -0700 (PDT)


> This is a very good idea. Please add it to the Feature Requests page?

Ok, I added the following at the bottom of the list:

"Allow for end-to-end server data verification with bbackupquery compare -aq (quick compare),
without having to re-download all data (as is the case with bbackupquery compare -a). The feature
would require bbstored (server) to read factual data blocks off its storage media and compare
those data blocks against checksums both stored locally and sent up from bbackupquery (client).
The only undetected failure condition in such a scenario would require both a server data block
and a server checksum getting corrupted in such a way as to match a client checksum - the chances
of this are beyond astronomical."

I started working on this a bit, but I will have to go through a lot of code to figure out what
happens where. I guess the crucial question is whether server checksums can be related to server
data blocks without access to the original file - the paradigm would not require storage of any
additional information in the repository. However, if current checksum scheme requires access to
raw, unencrypted data, the client would have to send checksums up during backup or during compare.
The first option would be better, since an administrator would then be able to completely verify
store integrity without needing any client input.

I need to start digging through the sources.


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