[Box Backup] Box Backup saved my data!

Martin Ebourne boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 09 Oct 2006 00:05:45 +0100

Another Box Backup success story...

On Friday morning the system disk (including home accounts and all
server files) on my main server died. It took a long time to sort out
the mess (the reserve boot partition didn't work properly and there is
no CD or floppy drive). All up and running again now and as ever the
easy bit was restoring from backup using Box. I've never found any other
backup program which gives as easy or reliable a recovery, though local
performance needs work for sure because it took ages for it to copy the

On Saturday evening another disk died (what did I do to deserve this?).
This massively complicated the whole recovery (one of the partitions I'd
just restored from Box was lost again) and some of the less important
data wasn't backed up due to space considerations. Still running
ddrescue on that one. :(

Overall, thanks to Box Backup all important data was recovered. This is
the third time it's saved me, the previous occasions when laptops have
been stolen. So thanks again Ben!



PS. I'm all for that idea of trapping disks not being mounted and
refusing to backup. In one of my more stupid moments I accidentally
started bbackupd instead of bbstored (I think it's the 'd' that did it)
and now have a remote store that's marked as fully deleted for my
efforts. Fortunately the local bbstored wasn't running or all my stores
would have been marked deleted!