[Box Backup] Verify/restore very large file (>4GB)

Alex Harper boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Sun, 08 Oct 2006 23:02:03 -0700


I've been testing Box and been pleased. However, I've run into a glitch with
the suggested verification procedure (bbackupquery "compare -a"). I've
narrowed the issue down to one backed up file, which is 4.6GB in size.

It appears the file is correctly stored, block size in the repository seems
about right, and "compare -aq" reports no issues. However actually restoring
the file results in a hung bbackupquery after about 600MB are restored. It
also leaves a hung bbstored on the server that spins at about 15% CPU usage.

This is OS X PPC, Box 0.10 built from source with large file support.

Given the sizes involved its seems likely this is uint32 to uint64
comparison somewhere, but I haven't had much luck tracing it through debug
builds of bbackupquery.

Is this a known issue? Perhaps already resolved in svn? Is the svn mainline
considered stable enough to test (and perhaps use if it fixes the issue)?

Any pointers for where to start looking in the code appreciated. Thanks,


Alex Harper                                     aharper@foobox.net
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