[Box Backup] Exception: Cipher EVPFinalFailure (5/6)

Paul MacKenzie boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Thu, 15 Mar 2007 10:47:52 -0400

>My first thought on reading the question was that you'd used two
>different keys to access the same account, but wanted to check the
>obvious before accusing you of such things.

I am pretty sure the key was identical but I did change it over to a 
new account and a new key. I suppose it might have not been 100% the 
first time it ran with the new key and account name. This must have 
been what caused the problem.

So is the entire store toast for now without some reprogramming of 
the bbackupquery? I ran a check on the store and it found one error 
and fixed it (think it was corrupt but the backup is no longer 
working on this server). I did not realize it was so easy to mess 
this backup repository up :)

>However, it is the most likely explanation for what you're seeing as
>the tests pass. However, they only pass in release mode which is a
>bit strange, and the debug failures should be investigated.


>The exception will be thrown when the filenames are decrypted. The
>easiest way would be to hack bbackupquery to have an option not to
>display the filenames, and guess which root directory is the one you
>want from the dates. How's your C++?

I can see if I can figure this out but my C++ is a bit rusty.

Thanks again for your help.