[Box Backup] Box Backup on Rails - Part 2

Stefan Norlin boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 22:33:13 +0100

> Any chance the web interface could be implemented in such a way that the 
> data could remain encrypted until it is back on the client computer?  This 
> might require a simple local GUI tool, or other local support to decrypt 
> the data using your BB keys.

No. As you mention yourself it would require a local application to do the 

> I love the idea, however in a situation where it is imparative that the 
> data on the server be protected against the server admins as well as the 
> public, this solution breaks down.

I think you may have missed the previous discussion on the list based on the 
"about page":


The web interface is primarily targeted towards the situation where 
usability is more important than security.
You could also use it internally for handling your box backup server (no 
public access). Or limit "admin" access
to certain IP-addresses using a htaccess file.

So, the "Box Backup on Rails" approach would be suitable for some scenarios, 
but not all...