[Box Backup] New Deployment

Matt Brown boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Tue, 22 May 2007 12:52:10 +0100

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> I will be installing a new deployment of Box Backup later this week  
> and was wondering whether I should be using 0.10 or Chris's  
> branch.  (either client, server or both)
> I know Chris has done a huge amount of work, including fixing a  
> number of issues with 0.10, but I don't recall exactly what issues  
> although I have been reading the dev list.
> Specifics
> - the first machine I intend adding will have at least 1 file > 2GB  
> (outlook pst) but it is currently less than 3GB I believe.
> - server will be FreeBSD 6.2 stable
> Any recommendations/comments appreciated.

Hi Stuart,

Well I was using 0.10 in a production environment and we had issues  
with restoring files over a certain size - in our case this was a  
3.5GB SQL tar.gz file. I am now using Chris's branch on the client  
and server and has been solid as a rock and no other issues which  
impede its use have yet been found.

Therefore, I will let you draw you own conclusions - usually CVS head  
or subversion code is probably not wise on a production machine - but  
we had a specific issue which Chris fixed (thanks again) which  
otherwise would make the product unusable for us.



Matt Brown
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