[Box Backup] New Deployment

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Tue, 22 May 2007 21:10:55 +0100 (BST)

Hi Stuart,

On Tue, 22 May 2007, Stuart Sanders wrote:

> I will be installing a new deployment of Box Backup later this week and 
> was wondering whether I should be using 0.10 or Chris's branch. 
> (either client, server or both)

As far as I can remember, my branch does not have any changes on the 
server side, so you can run a stock 0.10 server without any problems.

> I know Chris has done a huge amount of work, including fixing a number 
> of issues with 0.10, but I don't recall exactly what issues although I 
> have been reading the dev list.

The known problems with 0.10 are listed here:


A summary of the differences is here:


The entire list of patches (very long and verbose) is here:


> - the first machine I intend adding will have at least 1 file > 2GB
>   (outlook pst) but it is currently less than 3GB I believe.

If you're using compressible encryption on the PST file, and you don't 
have too many binaries in attachments (i.e. lots of text messages) then 
the PST file might compress to less than 2 GB, in which case you should be 
able to use stock 0.10 without problems.

However, if it is a windows machine, please don't do that. Please use my 
latest client release instead.

If you think the PST file might grow to over 2 GB compressed, or you 
expect to backup other large files, please use my merge tree (chris/merge) 
on the client to avoid problems later.

If you use my merge tree or Windows client releases, you should be aware 
that they have not been tested as thoroughly as 0.10. However, they do fix 
a number of known issues, and I will definitely make an effort to help you 
with any problems that do occur. If you have a problem with 0.10, I will 
probably ask you to try with my merge tree to see if it's been fixed 

We would very much appreciate your help in testing chris/merge, since it 
is almost ready to be released as 0.11.

Whether you use 0.10 or chris/merge, you should schedule regular automatic 
full compares, e.g. using cron, and pay attention to the output.

You can switch between 0.10 and chris/merge on the client more or less at 
will, provided that you don't back up any files over 2GB compressed.

> - server will be FreeBSD 6.2 stable

That should work fine with chris/merge or 0.10 stable.

Cheers, Chris.
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