[Box Backup] Segmentation Fault

Per Reedtz Thomsen boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 25 May 2007 12:27:38 -0700

On 5/25/07 12:00 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>> I have a quick question about the use of alternate drive letters.
>> I have the box backup installed on F:
>> Is there a way to set a config variable in the config file so that 
>> when I add a path command to access the bbackupquery from anywhere it 
>> will default to F: and not C: for the config file?
>> I know this is a very trivial request but I figured I would ask if 
>> this is possible.
> Sorry, not at the moment. See ticket 12
> [http://bbdev.fluffy.co.uk/trac/ticket/12] which is related.
> The hardcoded path is intended to make life a bit easier for people 
> who have completely standard installations (in C:\Program Files\Box 
> Backup). I'm aware that this does not help users who have non-English 
> systems, or whose Windows is not installed on drive C.
> I can think of a few possible options, but I don't know enough about 
> Windows standards to pick one. Can anyone enlighten me?
> 1. Drop the hardcoded path entirely. All users suffer equal pain and 
> get used to it.
> 2. Store the path in an environment variable. Not very windows-y.
> 3. Store the path in a registry key. Not very obvious that it's there, 
> how to change it, or how to "install" Box Backup if this is required 
> (currently there is no installer).
> 4. Leave the current hard-coded path, fix the inconsistent behaviour 
> of bbackupd and bbackupquery, and tell users who complain to read the 
> installation instructions, which specifically say "C:\Program 
> Files\Box Backup". :-)
> Any other suggestions?
How about a (shudder) installer? One of the older versions for Windows 
had an installer, IIRC...

The installer could manipulate the paths in config files, etc. to fit in 
any language setup.

> Cheers, Chris.

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