[Box Backup] Trunk_1923

Matt Brown boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 9 Nov 2007 12:30:54 +0000

>> ld you like me to send as attachments as there is a lot of verbose  
>> output.
> Sorry, I'm afraid the files that you sent me don't demonstrate the  
> problem
> at all. The intercept tests passed that time. It failed due to  
> another bug
> which I think I've now fixed in Subversion.
> Perhaps it's an intermittent problem? Could you try the same procedure
> again (including svn update) to see if it fails this time? If not,  
> there's
> no need to send me the logs, they won't help.
> If you run ./t without --bbackupd-args, does it still fail?

Hi Chris,

I have done an svn update and bootstrap configure and make.

Then ran make test release all

The summary is:

common: PASSED
crypto: PASSED
compress: PASSED
raidfile: PASSED
basicserver: PASSED
backupstore: PASSED
backupstorefix: make failed
backupstorepatch: PASSED
backupdiff: PASSED
bbackupd: make failed
make: *** [release/common/test] Error 2