[Box Backup] Windows archive attribute? "BackupIfModifiedSince"? Configurable by BackupLocation?

Peter Jalajas, TebucoSafe Backups boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 15 Oct 2007 10:20:03 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I was wondering whether Box Backup pays any attention to the Windows attribute flags?  Here's why.
 Say a client has a very large pile of files that includes some "currently" active files that she
wants to backup with Box Backup on a regular basis, and some other "inactive" files that she does
NOT want to backup with Box Backup.  But using Excludes just wouldn't work.  

She _could_ backup all of their (inactive) files to some other media, and then mark all of her
files as having been backed up by removing the (possibly counter-intuitive) Archive attribute, and
then it would be neat if Box Backup could then look for files that have the Archive flag set
(marking it for to be backed up) and back them up.  

And now that I've typed all that, maybe a better, easier, more portable way could be a new
"BackupIfModifiedSince" configuration setting that could be set to some date in the past, so that
files modified before that date would be ignored by Box Backup, but those modified afterwards
would be backed up by Box Backup.  She could backup her gajillion files modified before a certain
date to other media (for example, DVD), and then use Box Backup to only protect her more recent

(I guess it would work very similar to a "BackupIfSizeIs" setting (a similar feature request is
already under "Don't backup files bigger than X kbytes").)

Hmm, maybe it'd also be useful if it (and maybe some other settings, too) could be set differently
under each BackupLocation.

Suggestions welcome.