[Box Backup] RFC: Migration of domain and hosting

James O'Gorman boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Tue, 23 Oct 2007 20:07:29 +0100

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 12:05:45PM +0100, Ben Summers wrote:
>  Sounds good to me, although it will reduce the lovely google rating I have 
>  on fluffy.co.uk. :-(

Righto, I'm getting there!

Ben has put the website into svn, so this is now checked out on the new
server and the website is running happily.

www.boxbackup.org (and .com) should now be up and working (seems to be
working from my end). This is currently the same as
www.fluffy.co.uk/boxbackup but now it's in svn anyone can modify it.

Some more decisions need to be made now (this is mainly for the

How do we want to work the svn and trac sites? I can either create
subdomains (e.g. svn.boxbackup.org / trac.boxbackup.org) or keep it
similar to the current setup (have /svn and /trac as aliases on the www

My inclination is to go with the subdomain option, but am easy either

I won't move the repository just yet so everything will be exactly the
same for the time being.