[Box Backup] Re: Announcing 0.11 Release Candidate 1

Matt Brown boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Wed, 23 Jan 2008 14:08:53 +0000

Hi Richard,

> I did upload that version of boxbackup to debian/experimental. As  
> usual,
> the testsuite is running on the buildds. You can see the results of  
> the
> testsuite here:
> http://experimental.debian.net/build.php?pkg=boxbackup
> Short: There as some failures, however I'm not sure if they are real
> problems, or problems with the buildds. Please tell me if there is
> something I can do to make it more easy for developers to understand
> these failures.

Just a quick question if I may - is there any plans to backport for  
any earlier versions of Debian ?

I ask as some of my clients who use Debian, some are on a previous  
release - although it is possible to upgrade them ;-)

I tend to use Ubuntu now due to its Long Term Support for releases,  
and I have a simple/crude although effective package script (courtesy  
of colleague) to build debs of trunk etc for Ubuntu so I can deploy  
via apt-get.


Matt Brown