[Box Backup] Manually deleting files

Matt Brown boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Fri, 25 Jan 2008 21:03:00 +0000

Hi Chris,

> You're right that bbackupquery does not implement those commands,  
> although
> it could, because bbackupd uses them to delete files from the  
> server. I'll
> consider it as a feature request.

I must admit, it could be a handy feature to have (maybe a later  
release, shall I raise a ticket :-)  - I did delve into the code to  
see what parameters it could take and ran across the DeleteFile part  
within the tests when I did a grep so I assumed this probably could be  
done with a bit of extra code here and there...

I did build the original Box Backup server at 3aIT from Chis Merge  
(hence finding the 2GB file issue) before it merged into Trunk, but I  
would suspect Kenny or Oli have re-built a newer version[1] from Trunk  
or used the recently released 0.11rc1.


Matt Brown

[1] Oli/Kenny - if you have not I have a Ubuntu Client & Server  
package built from 0.11rc1 :-)