[Box Backup] Announcing 0.11 Release Candidate 1

Chris Wilson boxbackup@fluffy.co.uk
Mon, 28 Jan 2008 23:15:18 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Eric,

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008, Eric Cronin wrote:

> OK, finally got around to updating the Portfile for MacPorts.  A temporary
> version that others can use for testing is at
> <http://svn.gizmolabs.org:8080/svn/gizmolabs/dports/sysutils/boxbackup/>.
> Once 0.11 is released this will go into the main MacPorts tree so users will
> see the update automatically.
> <http://www.macports.org/ports.php?by=cat&substr=sysutils> is the closest to
> an official link short of the Portfile itself I think.


> configure still thinks its version 0.10:
> 	`configure' configures Box Backup 0.10 to adapt to many kinds of
> 	systems.

Already fixed in trunk, thanks!

> The install procedure is unaware of $DESTDIR, used for package-building

make install does nothing except print a message, because Box Backup uses 
"parcels" that can be installed on other machines. Do you want the parcel 
script to be aware of $DESTDIR? You should easily be able to unpack the 
parcels wherever you want in any case.

Regarding these steps of the port script:

> reinplace 
> "s|ac_default_prefix=/usr/local|ac_default_prefix=${prefix}|g" 
> ${worksrcpath}/configure

What is ${prefix} in this case? Is it part of the port environment? WOuld 
it make sense to "./configure --prefix=${prefix}" instead?

> reinplace "s|@bindir_expanded@|${prefix}/bin|g" 
> ${worksrcpath}/infrastructure/BoxPlatform.pm.in

That shouldn't be necessary, is it? If so then it's a bug.

> reinplace "s|__PREFIX__|${prefix}|g" 
> ${worksrcpath}/infrastructure/BoxPlatform.pm.in

I don't see __PREFIX__ anywhere in BoxPlatform.pm.in, do you?

> reinplace "s|\$install_into_dir|${destroot}\$install_into_dir|g" 
> ${worksrcpath}/infrastructure/makeparcels.pl

Is that a workaround for the lack of $DESTDIR support in the parcels 
install scripts?

> reinplace "s|/usr/bin/perl|${prefix}/bin/perl|g" ${file}

These should all be set to the PERL discovered by configure, why do they 
need to be changed?

> configure.env   PREFIX='${prefix}'

I think configure should be run with --prefix=${prefix} instead of setting 
its environment.

> bin/bbackupd/bbackupd-config.in and bin/bbstored/bbstored-config.in 
> still have '/usr/local' instead of $prefix hard-coded in

Thanks, I'm about to fix that in trunk.

> infrastructure/makedistribution.pl doesn't grab the perl path from configure

Thanks, fixed in trunk.

> Despite what ./configure says, paths like /etc/box and /var/bbackupd are 
> still hard-coded into headers and such (sometimes only in comments/help 
> info, but still confusing).

Thanks, about to fix in trunk.

> As I believe someone else noted, the html docs aren't included in the 
> tarball currently.

Thanks, hope to fix before the next release candidate.

> parcels/scripts/install-backup-client is getting a fifth line in it of 
> format "install dir" (e.g. no file to be installed is there) which 
> errors out the script.  Right now I'm manually deleting it doing "port 
> patch; vi work/*/parcels/scripts/install-backup-client; port install" 
> instead of just port install.

Should be fixed already in trunk.

Thank you very much for pointing out all these issues! I hope to address 
them all for the next release candidate.

Cheers, Chris.
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