[Box Backup] lazy and snapshot together, file formats and files

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Fri, 20 Jun 2008 13:15:20 -0700 (PDT)

I'm sorry Chris, I could have been more clear and said that in fewer
words. After reviewing this my initial e-mail was just a waste of
everyone's time.

By "backup a different snapshot" meant to have the ability to backup
multiple snapshots and have each available for restoration if needed. This
may already be the case, but I'm still only backing up one system and
haven't tested all the features. I apologize if you've already covered

As far as MinimumFileAge preventing the backup of corrupted data, I
incorrectly remembered the cause of a problem someone had in April, so
this is a non-issue.

This last point was lazy of me to write that way... horrid English.
"Picking which change level to restore from" was meant to mean this (which
if I remember correctly you are already working on):

To have the ability for the end user to define backups, say on a daily
basis, but when a problem occurs to be able to restore data from three
days ago instead of the previous day. This would be mainly intended to
protect items that were modified incorrectly and an older version needing
to be restored.

My apologies, I'll put more time into future replies so that they make
proper sense.

>Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what you're describing here:
>* What does "backup a different snapshot" mean?
>* "to help protect against corrupted data in the latest lazy mode
>  MinimumFileAge is supposed to do this for you, so the chance of a
corrupted file in a lazy backup is actually lower than with a forced
snapshot of all files unless the moment of that snapshot is carefully
>* "picking which change level to restore from": what's a change level?
>  lazy vs snapshot?