[Box Backup] Windows Boxbackup path configuration and eventlogs

Brendon Baumgartner boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Tue, 4 Nov 2008 22:27:10 -0800

Hi Chris!

> > One other thing, does StoreObjectInfoFile work on the Windows agent?
> > state file never gets created and I have the errors below. Does it
> > a few days for the state file to be created?
> It should be created after a successful backup on all platforms. If
> backup fails (does not complete) every time then it will never be
> created.
> Is your backup failing to complete?

Ah ha! Yes, it is. It always dies at one particular file listed here
along with the agent config. I reviewed the wiki notes on the
TLSWriteFailed errors, but it looks like I have it correct.


Failed to upload file: D:\engineering\Solidworks 2006\SW06-3.daa: caught
exception: Connection TLSWriteFailed (Probably a network issue between
client and server.) (7/33)

The file is 543 MB in size!