[Box Backup] Help installing client on MacBook White

Per Reedtz Thomsen boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Fri, 21 Nov 2008 00:14:28 -0800

On Nov 19, 2008, at 11:32 PM, James O'Gorman wrote:

> On 20/11/08 00:24, Peter Jalajas, GigaLock Backup Services wrote:
>> The good news is that this should help me understand how to run
>> boxbackup on Macs and thus, I hope, open up my business to the
>> creative folks who like to use Macs.
>> So, can someone hold my hand through installing boxbackup client on
>> this thing?  The only admin I've done on it so far is install
>> OpenOffice.org and the like by downloading things like .dmg files and
>> dragging them to the "A" thing (I have no idea what it's doing under
>> the covers, or if even that is the best way to install things).
> I hope that's not exactly what you're doing :-) (The .dmg is like a  
> tar file, you need to drag things from the .dmg to the Applications  
> folder, not the .dmg itself.)
> I have some notes somewhere on creating a daemon account under  
> Leopard. I'll try and dig them out and put something on the wiki  
> when I get home from work tonight.
> Feel free to give me a shout if you have any Mac-related questions,  
> too.

There are launchd config files in the contrib/mac_osx directory, that  
controls the automatic starting of bbackupd on boot, etc. Since you'll  
be running bbackupd, you should copy the org.boxbackup.bbackupd.plist  
file to /Library/LaunchDaemons.

The plist file relies on bbackupd being installed in /usr/local/bin...

Otherwise the configuration is the same as for any other unix client:  

The Apple launchd man page (http://tinyurl.com/637xfc) is a good  
starting point, if you run into problems and need to understand a  
little more about how to use and test launchd stuff.

Or, of course, you can ask here... :-)

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