[Box Backup] Help installing client on MacBook White

James O'Gorman boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Sat, 22 Nov 2008 15:31:25 +0000

On 21/11/08 08:14, Per Reedtz Thomsen wrote:
> There are launchd config files in the contrib/mac_osx directory, that
> controls the automatic starting of bbackupd on boot, etc. Since you'll
> be running bbackupd, you should copy the org.boxbackup.bbackupd.plist
> file to /Library/LaunchDaemons.

Ah hah, I'd forgotten about those. :-)

As of r2381 we now install the plist files automatically on OS X so 
installing on OS X should be as simply as any other platform. :-)

> The plist file relies on bbackupd being installed in /usr/local/bin...

I've autoconfified these, so they use the PREFIX now (defaults to 
/usr/local but can be specified with ./configure --prefix=...)