[Box Backup] backup-finish question

Torsten boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Tue, 16 Sep 2008 09:45:44 +0200

Hi Chris,

every single function you plan sounds good to me. Especially extra parameters to backup-events.

I think changing the notification script should not be a problem, because 0.11 is still an release candidate.

Btw, are there new plans to release?

nice day,

> Hi Torsten and all,
> On Wed, 13 Aug 2008, Torsten wrote:
> > at every backup run backup-start is executed successfully.
> > 
> > But backup-finish is not executed always. If there is an error, then 
> > only backup-error is run. Is this the desired behavior ?
> Sorry for the delay in replying. You are right that backup-finish should 
> always be run. I'll fix that very soon. Thanks for pointing it 
> out.
> However, I think there should be an event for backup-ok as well. I'm 
> planning to add this, but unfortunately this will mean that people will 
> have to adjust their notify scripts again. Hopefully this will only affect 
> "early adopters" of 0.11, but if anybody wants to speak against this, 
> please do so now.
> I also plan to add an option to stop the suppression of duplicate events, 
> as there are many situations where you would want them (e.g. anyone who 
> wants a report generated after every backup), and it's not at all clear 
> whether the most useful setting for the backup-ok event would be to allow 
> or disable it.
> Ideally, I think, notification scripts could do this themselves, for 
> example by tracking the last reported backup state and sending a 
> notification whenever it changes. However, if anyone objects or has a 
> better plan, please speak up now.
> Finally, I'm planning to add some extra parameters to the notification 
> script calls that happen at the end of a backup (backup-finish, backup-ok, 
> backup-error, read-error and store-full) to pass session statistics to the 
> notify script, to help with generating useful reports without grepping the 
> syslog. This should not affect backwards compatibility, as existing 
> scripts should just ignore the extra parameters, I hope. But again, please 
> speak up if you object.
> Cheers, Chris.
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