[Box Backup] boxi for windows

Chris Wilson boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Sun, 2 Aug 2009 12:12:36 +0100 (BST)

Hi Achim,

On Sun, 2 Aug 2009, Achim wrote:

>>  Yes, I think it is, but I needed to know exactly which file was not
>>  being built (for you) in order to narrow down the problem.
> I tried to be as precise as I can be, but let me try again:

Sorry, I think you misunderstand me. I did not intend any offence. There 
are several Makefile.am, Makefile.in and Makefile files in Boxi, produced 
by a bastard mix of three different build systems (automake, bakefile and 
homebrew) and getting the three to work together is a complete utter 
nightmare. I really just wanted to know whether it was the root 
Makefile.in or one of the subdirectories that was missing.

I'm trying a build now, and wxchart is missing Makefile.in, but the root 
directory is NOT. So I don't know what's different between your system and 

Cheers, Chris.
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