[Box Backup] Current status 0.11

Dnk boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Thu, 19 Feb 2009 20:13:58 -0800

I was curious, as to the current status of 0.11. I have been following  
the list, and waiting to have a go. I am building a new backup server  
and was hoping to have a crack at box backup. Now I read the  
disclaimers about windows and such on the website and wiki. Is there  
any sort of eta when this version may become stable? I know that is  
probably an annoying and broad question.

Also, is there any plans for an os x client? I wish I could code to  
help out with that one. Unfortunately I am no programmer.

Any plans for deduplication?

In my network, I am primarily backing up Linux servers, and windows  
workstations. I have a few mac workstations as well.

Due to my clients and the curret status, would I be better off to  
bypass box backup at this time?

I really like the feature set of this project, and the encryption for  
remote backups.

Thanks in advance!