[Box Backup] Bandwidth throttling

Achim boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Wed, 29 Jul 2009 18:25:22 +0200

Good afternoon:

I was wondering how Box Backup users have implemented bandwidth throttling:
do you do it on the client side or the server side? Since different clients
will have different uplinks, a per-client configuration seems more sensible
to me.

As Ben stated in February 2005 on the topic: "It's on my list. However, I
suggest dealing with it using pf style tools or on the firewall/router for
now." [1]. Is there a known-good way to integrate with Box Backup, or is it
perhaps possible to add something like rsync's "limit-rate" parameter to
the client configurations?

Thanks in advance, Achim

PS: I found the following options for bandwith throttling:

1/ Trickle is a portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper. It can run
in collaborative mode (together with trickled) or in stand alone mode.

2/ Netbrake is an utility to limit the bandwidth used by a process. It does
not require to modify the kernel, nor to be root in order to work.

3/ OpenBSD's Class Based Queueing (CBQ) 

4/ System-specific firewall settings