[Box Backup] boxi for windows

Achim boxbackup@boxbackup.org
Fri, 31 Jul 2009 15:36:04 +0200

Good day:

On Fri, 31 Jul 2009 00:48:51 +0100 (BST), Chris Wilson <chris@qwirx.com>
> Thanks, any testing would be very welcome. I know there is a problem with

> locations and exclusions containing international characters not being 
> saved correctly in the configuration files.

Thanks for noting that.

> There are also automated tests built in to Boxi that you can run with 
> "boxi -t", although not all of them pass and some are disabled by default

> in Subversion, so you'll need to edit main.cc to re-enable them.

Good to know.

> That version is very old, please download the latest source code from 
> Subversion.

I have some detailed documentation on how to compile Boxi and its
requirements which I can post to the list. 

I thought I had done so in the thread "Compile Boxi from tarball or
trunk?", but cannot find it at the moment. Perhaps they got integrated in

> The intention is that Boxi will be used to create, maintain and test 
> configuration files, run interactive backups, restores and compares, and 
> manage the daemon or Windows service for unattended automated backups.
> last part is currently not working. Some code was written for it a long 
> time ago, but it is currently disabled and probably doesn't work. It's my

> intention to finish that code once the interactive features are working 
> properly.

Thanks for the additional information on where you see Boxi going. In the
mean time, I was able to find 2 alternatives to Boxi that might be

1/ adelinbackup
QT4 GUI for boxbackup
Compiles for OS X 10.5.6, but still needs work. (Unstructured notes

2/ Box Backup Explorer
A graphical web frontend for Box Backup (v0.10) written in Python. 
Never tried this one myself

I really think that a good GUI, particularly for restoring from backups is
something that would be very valuable for Box Backup. 

Unfortunately, Boxi with its problems of international characters is not a
choice for me at the moment. Adelin looks promising, with its modern
cross-platform QT4 toolkit. It deserves more attention IMHO.

Have a nice weekend, Achim