[IWE] Why does Z keep on going down?

D. Scott Katzer iwe@warhead.org.uk
Sat, 23 Apr 2005 00:07:08 -0400

Hi Ben,

It's been down 5+ hours now, AFAIK.

I assume it has to do with Greg's attempting to get everything stable on 
a kernel that is happy with the old versions of Zope, Postgres, etc., 
and Jabber and his antivirus program.  He's mentioned trying to make it 
stable in posts on z over the last couple of days.

Either that or it keeps crashing when he's not around.  :-(

I've messed up my Jabber settings and can't get on Peter's server.  :-(


Maybe you'll have better luck.  Tell the folks "hi" for me if you get in 



Ben Tilly wrote:
> This is the third night in a row that it has gone down, at around the same time.
> Should I expect this to be the future baseline availability, or is
> this due to a temporary issue?
> Thanks,
> Ben